Samsung Galaxy A12: Display and interface Samsung Galaxy A12

comes with a smooth unibody design together with a flat glass screen. The device is available in three color options i.e. Blue, Black and Pink. Under the back of the phone there is a smooth Gradient design where the sides of the device are textured. Samsung Galaxy A12 has a complete connectivity options including four mobile networks and Bluetooth. galaxy a12

Galaxy A12 Camera The camera on the Samsung Galaxy A12 is very user friendly. It comes with an intuitive interface that allows the users to easily use and access all the functions of the camera. There are many useful features such as timer, focus, volume controls, image size and so on. Apart from this, the front and rear cameras of the handset are equipped with different types of picture modes such as landscape, portrait, video and panoramic.

Battery The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A12 is quite long and it offers more than twenty hours of talk time, two hundred minutes of video recording and two hundred ninety five photos. This gives the users enough longevity that they can use the camera for a longer time. On the contrary, the camera of this handset is powered by the microSD card that is accessible through the slot located at the bottom of the camera. The card is designed in such a way that it provides fast charging. Users should make sure not to use the USB cable while charging the device because it can damage the circuit board. The Galaxy A12 also features a unique notification system which informs the user about the different events happening around the camera.

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